Dundalk mum who won €61K jackpot says the win has been "life-changing"

The well-known local lady has been playing the same numbers for the last fifteen years

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Dundalk mum who won €61K jackpot says the win has been "life-changing"

The local lady picked up €61,000 in prizes

Dundalk mum-of-ten Marion Gorham told the Dundalk Democrat she is “still in shock” after her lotto numbers, which she had been playing for the last fifteen years, scooped her a cool €61,933 in National Lottery prizes.

Marion who is well-known as a friendly member of the staff in McGeough’s bar and restaurant travelled to Lotto HQ last Wednesday to claim her prize of €61,933 for matching five numbers plus the bonus on the draw which took place on Saturday 12th May. 

Marion bought her winning ticket in Dunnes Stores in The Marshes Shopping Centre 

Marion, who hasn’t been on a holiday in ten years said: “This money is life-changing for me. I’ve worked hard my whole life, so I’m absolutely delighted with the win.”

And the busy mum told how she received a double shock when she first reliased she had won.She initially thought she had won just €7,500.

Marion explained: “I do my numbers based on birthdays of family members so at first glance I knew I had won something.

“I thought the prize was for about €7,500 which I was thrilled with. I called my sister to double check the prize for the five numbers plus bonus online. I nearly had to be pulled up off the floor when she told me it was for €41,933!”

And the surprises didn’t end there for this lucky Louth lady who looked at the ticket the following day and saw, in the black panel, details of the National Lottery’s special May Getaway promotion which tops up prizes with a luxury holiday worth

€20,000 for each winner who matches five numbers and the bonus ball in the month of May.

She said: “I got straight on the phone to the sister and got her to check again online if this was this true.

“We both started screaming when she said it was. I refused to believe this until I called the National Lottery when they confirmed.”

The Louth woman, who is busy preparing for one of her daughter’s upcoming weddings and a trip over to Florida to see her new granddaughter next month, said:

“It is just amazing. The biggest amount I ever won in the Lotto before this was €54. I might have been one number short of the jackpot but for me, this is like winning the Lotto.”

The lucky lady, who vows she’ll keep playing her lucky numbers going forward, says the money will go a long way for herself and her family.

“I am looking forward to sharing this with my family and it will go a very long way,” said Marion.

Mrs Gorham bought her ticket at the Dunnes Stores at The Marshes Shopping centre in Dundalk.

There was also a €8.5 million jackpot winner in the same Lotto draw.