Dundalk man stabbed his ex-girlfriend’s brother with broken glass

Dundalk Circuit Court

Dundalk man stabbed his ex-girlfriend’s brother with broken glass

A local man who stabbed his ex-girlfriend’s brother in the neck with a broken piece of glass and attacked him with a knife and a hammer was jailed for three and a half years at Dundalk Circuit Court last week.

John Smith (25) of Doolargy Avenue, Muirhevnamor, Dundalk pleaded guilty to assault causing harm at Glenmore Park, Muirhevnamor on May 31st last year.

The court heard last Wednesday how the victim had called to a friend’s home, when the accused – who had been in a relationship with his sister, called to the house.

Although nothing happened initially, when another person arrived John Smith made a threatening gesture towards the victim and produced a large kitchen knife from the waistband of his tracksuit bottoms.

The injured party wanted to leave out the back door and the other person asked the accused not to use the knife and at her invitation, he punched the victim a number of times and fired plates and cups at him.

The injured party pleaded with him “Please don’t” as the accused tried to stab him in the chest. He blocked him with his arms and his legs and sustained defensive injuries.

The blade of the knife broke and John Smith picked up a lampshade, hitting him with it and a stool before he struck him with a lump hammer. He then stabbed him in the neck with a piece of broken glass and the accused picked up his mobile saying “Thanks for the phone” when it fell out of the victim’s pocket.

He staggered home with the help of a passer-by. He suffered multiple injuries including broken wrists with a metal plate inserted in one of them.

When he was arrested in Blanchardstown on the 19th of June, John Smith denied being in Dundalk on the date of the attack and said he must have a twin, when the allegations were put to him.

The injured party said he thought he was going to die, and still suffers flashbacks and panic attacks.

John Smith had 64 previous convictions, and his Defence counsel said her client is from a tragic background and only finds structure while incarcerated.

Judge Michael O’Shea said an extraordinary degree of violence was used and described the unprovoked assault as horrendous. The sentence – of four and a half years with the last 12 months suspended, was backdated to the date of John Smith’s arrest when he went into custody.