Litter warden

‘Carlingford not a pretty sight’ - Cllr

County Council Meeting

Barry Landy


Barry Landy


‘Carlingford not a pretty sight’ - Cllr


Fianna Fáil councillor Peter Savage has called on Louth County Council to provide a litter warden for Carlingford, calling the dependence on volunteers in the area “ridiculous”.

The Dundalk Municipal District councillor was speaking at County Hall on Monday at the May monthly meeting of the local authority where he also hit out at the failure to properly address consistent dog fouling across the county.

“Is it within the council’s finances to put a litter warden on at the weekend in Carlingford?” he asked, “It seems ridiculous that volunteers have to go out at 4am to do it. It’s not a pretty sight.”

Savage also aired his dissatisfaction at continued instances of dog fouling.

“You don’t walk down Newry Street in Carlingford, you slide down it,” he said,

“Sooner or later, the volunteers will get fed up of doing it themselves. I appreciate the litter wardens. When a request is made they act on it pretty quickly.”

Speaking at the meeting, council engineer Willie Walsh was non-committal in relation to putting wardens into the seaside village, but replied, “We have increased the number of litter wardens, from five to six. It’s very necessary to get citizens to work with us.

“We’ve issued 15 fines in the last two years, but its very difficult to catch a person in the act. The council would be willing to chase people if they have witnesses and they are willing to stand up in the court and testify.”

Independent councillor Maeve Yore added: “We’re not winning the war on litter.”