Over 400 extra SNAs for Louth schools


David Lynch


David Lynch


Over 400 extra SNAs for Louth schools

Over 400 extra SNAs for Louth schools

Some 432 extra SNAs will be allocated to Louth schools in September, local TD Peter Fitzpatrick has announced.

This will bring the total number of SNAs to 830 locally, with 261 SNA’s being allocated to Primary Schools, 84 SNA’s to Post Primary Schools and 88 SNA’s being allocated to Special Schools. This makes up the 432 SNA increase.

Deputy Peter Fitzpatrick said: “The aim of this Government is to ensure that children with special educational needs can be supported to fully participate in schools and fulfil their potential.

“Special Needs Assistants play a key role in ensuring this and I would like to firstly take this opportunity to pay credit to the fantastic work that they do in schools across Louth.

“Today’s announcement will ensure every child who needs SNA support in Louth will receive it.

“Following on from today’s allocation, there will be a total of 15,000 Special Needs Assistants working in our schools around the country

“This increased investment reflects the priority which the Government has put on helping children with special educational needs to fulfil their potential.

“It also reflects the growing participation of children with Special educational Needs in the Education System and the capacity of our Education system to better support their full participation and progression.

“In July 2017, my Fine Gael colleague, Minister for Education and Skills Richard Bruton, gave a commitment that funding for SNA posts would be dealt with as part of the normal Estimates process, meaning that schools would be informed of their allocation for the beginning of the next school year before the end of May 2018.

“Today’s announcement honours that commitment and will make a real difference to schools and SNAs in planning for the year ahead.

“It is also expected that a further allocation will be announced during the first term of the new school year.”

Minister Bruton said: “More children with Special Educational Needs are participating than ever before and we are investing more than ever before to support this.

“In 2018 my Department will invest in the region of €1.75 billion in special education, almost one fifth of the entire education budget and 39% increase on 2011.”