Dundalk lads to star on new Sky 1 show

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David Lynch


Dundalk lads to star on new Sky 1 show

Stephen Boyle from Blackrock

Local man Stephen Boyle from Blackrock was successfully chosen to take part in a new Sky 1 show called Carnage.

The process began last May where he submitted an online application to take part in the show - which involved building a monster vehicle that could fight off other competitors in the arena - very similar to robot wars only he was in the car driving.

Stephen explained the experience further:

"Myself, Colin Clinton, Chris Mccabe and Richie Ashfield spent 6 weeks building a battle ready and weaponise car to do battle in the desert in South Africa.

"We pick a hearse to build we named it “The banshee” we put a strong armour all round the car to take heavy hits from any angle. We put 10 spinning disks on each side of the car that were run by a quad engine in the back of the hearse. This is them before we installed them in the car.

"We also used bead blasters and the back of the hearse shooting fruit, skulls and anything we could fit in a 6” pipe. Our team name in THE OVERTAKERS.

"After 6 weeks of late nights, blood sweat and tears we got the banshee finished and ready for battle in the desert in south Africa. Sky shipped the banshee out mid December and in January myself Coilin and Richie few out to take part in in a new tv show called CARNAGE. Chris couldn’t make it due to work commitments.

"We were taken to the middle of the Kalahari desert where sky had built 3 amazing arenas in a mad max crossed with robot wars and top gear style.

"We spent 3 weeks filming battling and fixing the banshee we had a fantastic experience and met lots of amazing people."

The six part show has just begun on Sky 1 on Sunday nights at 8pm - a prime slot.

The guys one hour episode is due to be aired on 27th May.