Louth Cllr Emma Coffey to host major conference celebrating 100 years of the women's vote

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke



Louth Cllr Emma Coffey to host major conference celebrating 100 years of the women's vote

Louth Councillor Emma Coffey

Councillor Emma Coffey of Fianna Fáil is organising a major Conference in Co.Louth, to celebrate the centenary anniversary of women obtaining the vote and asks have Women Qualified?

Cllr Emma Coffey presents a conference programme exploring the history and current progression of Women since obtaining the vote in 1918.

The Conference entitled “The Parliament Qualification Of Women Act 1918-2018- Have women qualified” is an all-day event taking place at An Grianian Termonfeckin County Louth on the 5th of May 2018.

Cllr. Coffey states that as a public representative there has been many a discussion in a living room or meeting as to what steps or progress have women in Ireland made. 

The Conference through a series of lectures and Q+A sessions will evaluate if the women in Ireland in the last 100 years achieved equality of representation in areas such as politics, boards of management and public/voluntary committees.

Speakers include Professor Mary Daly Historian, Marian Harkin MEP, Emma Pengelly M.P, Orlaith Carmody, hosted by Alison Comyn.

Cllr. Coffey went on to say: “I am delighted to host such an event as given the centenary year it’s important that as a nation we mark that although there has been much progress in recent decades, we are not yet near the stage where we can say that we as a society hear the voices of women equally.

"Given the strong economy and high levels of employment, we are only too aware of a situation where women are increasingly found in insecure, lower-paid employment which denies them essential opportunities.  Equally, figures on pay and promotions across all the enterprises continue to show an undervaluing of the contribution of women." 

The Louth Cllr concluded: 

"As we mark the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage and the part it played in developing Ireland as a nation, we should remember that equal rights and equal opportunity are not marginal issues but should be at the core of our social and economic development."