LOUTH WEATHER: Here's your forecast for the weekend...

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Staff Reporter


LOUTH WEATHER: Here's your forecast for the weekend...

So, if you were planning that mega grab-all-your-friends-for-a-BBQ event this weekend, you may shelve it for now, we're afraid.

According to local weather expert Louth Weather, this weekend will be slightly damp and not exactly St Tropez temperature -wise either.

Here's what the rest of today is going to look like:

"A big north south split this morning across the region. Sunny over Ulster. Rain in Dublin. Louth in between, cloudy but dry. Thankfully our weather is pushing south, so it's an improving situation for all this morning.

"This afternoon will see convective showers developing."

As for Saturday and Sunday, the phrase 'a good soaking' sounds off-putting to say the least.

"The showery theme continues through Saturday and Sunday. Most of the showers will be in the afternoons. With light winds over the weekend, not everyone will get a shower, however if you do get one they'll be slow moving so you'll get a good soaking. Cool with maximum values of 12°C and down to 2°C at night. Light breezes."