Dundalk and Ardee projects to receive funding through Anti-Dumping Initiative

Illegal dumping, littering, graffiti and fouling

David Lynch


David Lynch



Dundalk and Ardee project to receive funding through Anti-Dumping Initiative

€100,000 in funding has been approved for local projects in Louth, including Dundalk and Ardee, through the Anti-Dumping Initiative delivered through the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment

The figure also includes €23,000 which has been made available to help the Louth County Council raise awareness and encourage behavioural change to help tackle graffiti and littering of all types, including gum, cigarette butts and dog fouling, according to to Louth TD Fergus O'Dowd.

However the Deputy said much more is needed to tackle the growing problem of fly tipping and organised littering.

"The litter section in Louth County Council have experienced a marked increase in reported littering since the turn of the year. We need significantly more resources pumped into this area and stronger action taken against the culprits.

"Louth County Council have been working hard in investigating illegal dumping, two sites I reported last week were actioned by the council, personal details were found at both sites and fines were issued which is welcome and will deter these individuals in the future."

These are the groups that have been funded:

Carrickcarnon Laneway, Ravensdale
This laneway traverses the M1 motorway and dumping at the end of the lane is visible from the motorway. It is proposed to install a barrier at the head of the laneway to prevent access, remove waste and erect signage.

Antisocial Behaviour Site at Ramparts Road, Dundalk
Remove large amounts of drug paraphernalia, medication supplies, glass, alcohol related items, condoms, small amounts of general waste have accumulated in the area. It is proposed to clean up, provide fencing, landscape, liaise with community groups to regularise use going forward. And use remote monitoring.

N33/M1 Junction 14-Ardee
This location is used as an unofficial park and ride for motorists due to its location to the M1 and as a result has become littered and dumping of waste is taking place. It is proposed to carry out a concentrated litter pick in the area and remove waste that has been dumped. Anti dumping signage will be also erected.

Doolargy park – Dundalk
The estate have been targeted for action on illegal dumping, burning and storage of waste in back gardens. The project involves developing awareness with clean ups of both areas and carrying out ground works to remove scrub and vegetation which will increase visibility of the area to help reduce incidences of littering.