Dundalk's Niall earns top three Home of the Year finish

Henry, an architect, wanted to push the boundaries in design

Barry Landy


Barry Landy


Dundalk's Niall earns top three Home of the Year finish

Dundalk native Niall Henry with his family.

Dundalk native Niall Henry finished third in RTE's Home of the Year competition, with the finale having been aired on RTE One on Tuesday evening. 

Seven finalists were selected over the series to go forward to the final shortlist with Niall's stunning property deemed making the final three in the end. 

Niall, an architect who now lives with his wife Emma and their three children in a comtemporary home he designed himself, works with the Dublin Design Studio. 

His Clontarf house sites alongside two others of his own design - occupied by Emma's sister and her brother. 

Niall had to work within the constraints of a very narrow site and wanted to push the boundaries in design.

Large windows were fitted throughout the ground floor of their open plan living area while he stepped up the first floor and pushed it a metre and half back off the ground floor level so there is an overhang above the side garden.

Located in a busy suburban area, privacy was important so the rooms upstairs look back into each other, facing out onto a planted roof garden. 

The judges were impressed with the attention of detail in the home, particularly impressed with how the inside space and the outside space comprising the living area and garden worked in tandem. 

Having reached the final of the hotly contested programme, Niall's design ultimately finished third behind winners Patrick and Ros who's beautiful farmhouse cottage in the Wicklow Hills earning them the 2018 title. 

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The bedrooms all face out onto a planted roof garden, so as to avoid privacy issues with adjoining properties. 

The judges were stunned by the beauty of the kitchen area, as designed by Dundalk man Niall.

The master bedroom in Niall Henry's stunning Clontarf home.