‘I wouldn’t have a stolen car’ - Dundalk man (51) tells court

The defendant had pleaded not guilty to the offence 

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Court Reporter


‘I wouldn’t have a stolen car’ - Dundalk man (51) tells court

Dundalk District Court

A 51-year-old man who denied knowing that a car left in the garage at his home was stolen, had the case against him struck out at Dundalk District Court last week.

Kenneth Bromley of Allwinds, Dublin Rd, Dundalk had pleaded not guilty to knowing or being reckless as to whether the Volkswagen Jetta was stolen, but admitted a firearms offence, in relation to a starting pistol that was found during a garda search.

The owner of the car told the court last Wednesday that it was parked at her home, when she went to bed around 11.30pm on the 28th of June 2016 and when she woke the following morning, her then partner — a son of the defendant, told her the house had been broken into and the car was gone.

During cross examination by the defence solicitor, the witness confirmed that the kitchen window hadn't been broken, but had been removed and she agreed she had asked her partner to leave the house because of what happened.

She also confirmed that she had ended the relationship as a result.

The court heard the car was found in a garage at the defendant's home, when a search warrant was executed on the 11th of July.

After he was arrested, the defendant told gardai that his then 27-year-old son had left the car there about a fortnight before and the accused said he thought there was something wrong with it.

The defence solicitor stressed that his client did not believe the car was stolen, while in the witness box, under oath Mr. Bromley said “I wouldn't have a stolen car”.

Judge John Coughlan said he had a doubt and struck out the handling stolen property charge.

He applied the Probation Act in respect of having the starting pistol without a firearms certificate, after the court was told the accused had bought it in a market 15 years ago.

The defence solicitor stressed that there was nothing sinister about the item, which he said fires two pellets and is used to start races.