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LOUTH WEATHER: 'Heatwave' talk not be believed

Reports of a heatwave heading this way may be wide of the mark

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LOUTH WEATHER: 'Heatwave' talk not be believed

LOUTH WEATHER: 'Heatwave' talk not be believed

Social media weather expert Louth Weather, has played down reports of a 'heatwave' arriving on these shores any time soon.

In an update on Facebook, Louth Weather called for people to stop believing the "ridiculous" weather predictions being put forward in some quarters.

"I know I seem to do this every week now but the message just isn't getting through. For the second weekend in a row a heatwave was predicted. I keep missing them! The two previous weeks were all about beasts from the east, a white Easter and blizzards. That's four weeks of ridiculous weather predictions with zero accuracy. People who believe this rubbish need to stop believing it."

Louth Weather also gave an update on the forecast for the week ahead.

"Monday will have a decent start to the week with light winds, blue skies and sunshine to start today. Unfortunately it's what I call a downhill day. Cloud will increase through the morning with the first of the showery rain arriving mid afternoon. There will also be a noticeable increase in wind speed. Indeed it will be very windy later with gusts of 70 to 80kph possible from 7pm to 2am. Wet overnight.

"Tuesday starts wet and windy. However a clearance will move in early with sunny spells through the morning. Temperatures could reach 15C by the afternoon and this will cause showers to form. Southerly winds remaining strong through the day.

"Wednesday looks cloudy. A band of rain will push in from The Atlantic but I'm hoping that the high pressure to our east will be sufficiently strong to keep it at bay. Max 14C in a fresh to strong southerly wind."
The later part of the week sees the temperatures rising slightly.

"Thursday to Sunday sees high pressure in command so lighter winds, less rainfall, more sunshine and temperatures reaching the mid to high teens. Some light rain possible Sunday but too far off to be sure."

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