Dundalk mum-of-four shares her inspirational weight loss journey

Ailish Morgan lost a whopping 7 stone and 12lbs

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


Ailish Morgan

Knockbridge mum-of-four Ailish Morgan pictured before and after

Debbie Rooney, who runs the Slimming World Dowdallshill morning groups, has shared the incredible story of a Knockbridge mum who shed 7 stone and 12lbs to achieve her dream weight with the Dundalk Democrat

Busy Knockbridge mum-of-four Ailish Morgan first joined the Dowdallshill Thursday Morning Group in September 2016 and set out on a journey that would change her life forever.

Debbie explained: "We all know how difficult it can be and the struggles that face us when we are trying to lose weight, but Ailish quickly realised when she joined Slimming World that she had absolutely made the right decision." 

In her own words, Ailish revealed: "Not only did I receive a very warm welcome that Thursday morning when I very nervously arrived to group, but when I sat through the new member talk I was even more surprised to learn I could still enjoy unlimited amounts of all the lovely food that I loved such as pasta, potatoes and rice and that I didn’t have to cook separately for my kids anymore! Win win situation!

"It all sounded far to good to be true but week after week when the weight started falling off I knew I had found the plan of a lifetime." 

With commitment and determination, Ailish recently achieved everything she had set out to do by reaching her final Target goal with an incredible 7 stone and 12lb weight loss.

Ailish's Slimming World consultant Debbie said: "I really couldn’t be happier for Ailish or more proud to call her one of my members in Dowdallshill.

"I have watched her confidence absolutely soar over the past 18 months and her support to other members in group every week and the advice she gives is always second to none.

"We were thrilled in Group two weeks ago to also announce that Ailish was the winner of our Greatest Loser competition for 2018. She really should be so proud of herself and all she’s has achieved because I know we as a group surely are." 

Ailish’s biggest tip to anyone thinking of losing weight is to drop into your Local  Slimming World Group and have a chat with your Consultant who is ready to welcome you and to help you believe that you can achieve your weight loss goals. 

Ailish said: "If I can do this anyone can. Just go to the group every week, enjoy all the fabulous food and get all the help and support you need to change your life forever.

"What I love about my consultant Debbie is that she helped me not only through the good weeks when I was losing weight beautifully but also through the tough weeks when I felt down and felt like giving up on myself.

"I am so thankful I started out on this journey because my weight held me back for years from being ‘me’. The last 18 months with Debbie and my fabulous group have absolutely changed my life for the better.

"I am that person I’ve always wanted to be now, I’m strong, I’m confident but most importantly I’m loving life again, something I haven’t done for a long time." 

To find out more about this fabulous weightloss plan Debbie can be contacted on 087 2501622.

She runs her Groups in the O'Connells GFC in Castlebellingham every Monday night at 7pm and in Dowdallshill GFC every Wednesday and Thursday morning at 9.30am. Everyone is very welcome to come along!

For a full listing of all groups please visit