Louth County Council housing applicants urged to return vitally important forms

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Barry Landy


Barry Landy



Louth County Council housing applicants urged to return vitally important forms

People on Louth County Council's social housing list are being urged to return Housing Needs Assessment forms to the local authority as soon as possible - or risk losing their place in line for a home.

The council are currently in the process of conducting a housing needs assessment, asking those applicants who have been on the social housing waiting list prior to April 21st 2017 to update their current status and details.

As of January 31st this year, there were 2,480 applicants awaiting social housing allocations.

The applicants are required to return the forms they receive to the council. Failure to do so will result in their applicatons being terminated.

The applicant would then have to reapply to get on the waiting list, losing their place in the queue and starting again from the very beginning of the process.

Households that have been included on a Council Transfer List and those in accommodation provided under RAS or HAP will not be required to update their files.

The Housing Needs Assessment requires social housing applicants to inform the council of any change of circumstance, such as change of address.

Even if their status has not changed, they are required to fill out the form and return it.

All future lettings of social housing units will be made from this assessment.

During the last assessment period in 2016, 1241 applicants saw their cases terminated. 752 of them were due to people not returning the forms.

“I would urge anyone on the list or if you know anyone on the list, fill out the forms and return them,” Fine Gael councillor Dolores Minogue said.

“If you don't return the form, you will be deemed housed. There's no excuses. You'll be off the list. It's hard to get back on.”