Dundalk judge tells homeless man 'the party is over'

Dundalk District Court

Dundalk judge tells homeless man 'the party is over'

A 29-year-old homeless man who had previously asked Dundalk District Court for help in dealing with his drink problem, was last week sentenced to two months in custody with Judge John Coughlan telling the accused “The party is over”.

Piotr Kwasny, who had been living in emergency accommodation, was before the court charged with public order matters – being intoxicated in a public place in the Park Street area of Dundalk, and using threatening abusive or insulting behaviour on July 8th, September 17th and and November 17th last year.

In December, the defence solicitor told the court, the accused had previously had charges adjourned so he could produce €300 in court for charity.

However, he had recently lost his job and only had €50 in court.

The solicitor explained his client ‘struggles with alcohol’ and said he’d instructed him to seek the court’s assistance.

Judge John Coughlan had put the matter back for an updated Probation report and he said he would seek a further 100 euro for charity on the new charge sheets.

However, when the case was called last Wednesday, the solicitor told Judge Coughlan, “The report before you may have a bearing on the matter”.

The judge said he would convict and sentence in relation to one of the charge sheets saying, “He’s a waste of space”.

The solicitor said his client had approximately 70 hours of community service outstanding and had the offer of a job with a pizza company.

However Judge Coughlan replied: “The party’s over”.

He imposed a two month sentence and said the accused could appeal by lodging €400 in cash.

When the solicitor pointed out Mr. Kwasny is homeless the judge replied “He can save up.

“The party’s over. He goes to Mountjoy,” the judge said.