Louth TD Gerry Adams brands report on HAP/Rent supplement rates as "deeply worrying"

The survey reveals how single tenants and couples on HAP are priced out of Dundalk rental market

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke



Rental market

Single people and couples on HAP are disadvantaged in the current rental market

Sinn Féin TD for Louth, Gerry Adams has branded the latest study by the homeless charity the Simon Community on the availability of property for those on Rent Supplement and Housing Assistance Payment as “deeply worrying and evidence of a failure of government to get to grips with the housing crisis.” 

Dundalk was one of eleven areas surveyed as part of the report. Just 31 properties were available to rent in the town during the three day study period in which the survey was carried out. 

The findings revealed that just 7% of rental properties in the 11 areas are currently priced within the means of households receiving HAP and Rent Supplement. 

Furthermore, just 39 properties out of 532 were deemed within the rent limits of the four categories of households included in the study - singles, couples, couple/one parent one child and couple/one parent and two children. 

Mr Adams said:

"The survey also reveals how single people and couples are disadvantaged. The Simon report found that only three properties in the 11 surveyed fell within the HAP/rent supplement limits for a single person and only three available for couples.

"The situation in Dundalk was similar to other areas. During the three day study period last month there were just 31 properties available to rent in Dundalk. This is down two on the same period last year. Of these only 17 properties were available to rent within the RS/HAP limits. This is a drop of 9 properties since March 2017.

"Of particular concern is the fact that there were no properties to rent within RS/HAP limits for a single person. Nor were there any properties to rent for a couple during this period.

"The report revealed that there were only 6 properties available to rent within RS/HAP limits for a couple/one parent and one child - a drop of 4 properties since last November.

"The average rent for a one-bedroom property was 13% more than RS/HAP limit for a single person. The report also states that rents increased in Co. Louth by an average of 14.1% last year.

"The reality is that private rented sector subsidised accommodation is out of reach for a lot of citizens and this is pushing more and more people into homelessness.

"Current government policy relies on a belief that HAP is the solution for those in social housing need. Clearly it is not, and it offers no security of tenure to tenants and is not a sustainable social housing solution.”

The Louth TD concluded:

“Sinn Féin believes that only by building substantial numbers of affordable homes and social housing can the current crisis in housing be effectively resolved. In the short term, some relief for those in the private rented sector would be the provision of real rent certainty and sufficient security of tenure.”