Local retiree to launch Irish history book in Inniskeen Community Centre this Friday

Matt Kearney's book is an overview of Irish history for the past 2000 years

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke



Dundalk History Image

Dundalk pictured in 1933

A new book about Ireland’s complex history for 2000 years will be launched in Inniskeen Community Centre this Friday, March 16th at 9pm . The book, which was written by Matt Kearney, is a comprehensive history of Ireland from how our ancestors lived 2000 years ago until the present time.

It is intended for readers who want to be informed of our history without the burden of excessive detail. Each period of history is written in separate brief and easy to read articles. 

Chapter One covers the period from how our ancestors lived 2000 years ago until the death of Brian Born in 1014. It also includes articles on the life of St. Patrick and St. Brigid.  It describes the Golden Age of monasteries in Ireland, raids by the Vikings and their defeat at the hands of Brian Boru at Clontarf in 1014. 

In Chapter two, the author covers the period from the Anglo Norman invasion of 1169 until the founding of the Land League in 1879.  Also included are articles on Oliver Cromwell, the Penal Laws, the Ulster Plantation, St. Oliver Plunkett and his arrest and death at Tyburn.

Chapter three covers the long struggle for Irish Freedom before 1916 and afterwards, Home Rule and Roger Casement, the Easter Rising and it’s aftermath and the Civil War.  The chapter also covers industrial progress in the new state following independence and modern Ireland from 1960 until 2014.

And finally, chapter four covers Northern Ireland from 1921, the period of the Troubles from the late 1960’s and moves towards peace with the Good Friday Agreement. The visit of Queen Elizabeth in 2011 is covered and the visit of President Michael D. Higgins to England in 2014, the first Irish head of state to visit Great Britain. The chapter concludes with some important dates in Irish history.

The author Matt Kearney lives in Inniskeen, Co Monaghan. He started writing when he retired from farming. Matt has always been interested in local history – this is his third book.