Dundalk cyclist calls on council to police bike lanes after filming vehicles parking in Church Street

Nadia Williams says these motorists are putting cyclists and local schoolchildren in danger

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke



Dundalk cyclist calls on council to police bike lanes after filming vehicles illegally parking in Church Street

A van parked in the bicycle lane

A Dundalk woman is calling on Louth County Council to keep cycling lanes safe for schoolchildren. 

Nadia Williams, is an advocate for cycling safety particularly in Louth, filmed four vehicles in total parked in the cycle lane on Church Street.

Nadia, who lives on Church Street, told The Dundalk Democrat she is concerned that children cycling to school in the area, and other cyclists, would be forced to swerve out onto the road into oncoming traffic to get around vehicles parked in the designated cycling lane.    

She said: "This cycle lane is used by kids getting to school. There are plenty of kids in Dundalk who cycle to school who would be put in danger by this situation. No parent in their right mind would let their kids cycle to school in these circumstances.

"This kind of behaviour puts people off cycling and possibly even walking, especially children. The benefit of more people cycling is staggeringly wide and deep." 

Nadia added: "No pedestrians or cyclists need to be actually hit by a motorised vehicle to cause harm. The fact that people have to put themselves in harm's way in an of itself causes damage. 

"I witnessed vehicles blocking this cycle lane regularly during the building work that is going on on the corner pub (The Century Bar). One vehicle had a note on the windowscreen saying that he had permission to park there." 

Nadia questioned if that meant Louth County Council or the gardai granted the motorist permission to park there. 

"Does that mean Louth County Council is fine with this?" she asked.

Nadia's video is a compilation of four videos shot between 15 February and 6 March 2018. 

Nadia is passionate about cyclists safety and is currently working on a PhD study titled: "The Effect of Social Dynamics on Cycling Safety and Uptake" in which she is "examining media discourse, design discourse, and audience perception to get an understanding of the social dynamics in operation on our roads, and how that affects cycling safety and uptake".