Couple's Dundalk wedding called off due to severe weather

Storm Emma

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Staff Reporter


Couple's Dundalk wedding called off due to severe weather

Armagh couple Emma O'Kane and Chris Butler were due to marry in Darver Castle outside Dundalk today, however Storm Emma put paid to that.

In an interview with the Press Association (reported by the Irish Examiner), Emma explained the situation.

"The weather was fine last night but when I woke up this morning it was like Siberia.

"We were in the middle of hair and make-up when my mum phoned and said the Castle had been on the phone and said how treacherous it was.

"They (Darver Castle) were so good. They said it was entirely up to us but that if it was up to them they would recommend postponing it. They said they would support us and give us a new date.

"It was devastating, but when I took a step back I realised the right decision would be to postpone.

"People would have had to travel through that weather to get there.

"I have had a few wobbles but once I calmed down I just thought 'Right, how do I fix this?'"

According to the Irish Examiner, the Armagh couple have been able to rebook their wedding for March 29th.

According to Darver Castle, the weather has put paid to several planned weddings this weekend.