Alisha McKevitt: "By waking me, Rosie saved my life"

Alisha and Paddy McKevitt's home was destroyed by fire

Barry Landy


Barry Landy


Alisha McKevitt: "By waking me, Rosie saved my life"

The home in Omeath was destroyed by fire last Wednesday.

Alisha McKevitt, the woman who saw her home in Omeath go down in flames in the early hours of Wednesday last week, has spoken about the blaze - hailing her Rosie as a hero for alerting her to the fire. 

A GoFundMe has been set up by Alisha's mother in California, which has raised over $25,000 so far. The fire broke out at the home at Lislea at around 6am on Valentines Day. 

Unfortunately, the house was not insured as the couple had been working tirelessly to bring it up to code for several months. A new roof had just been installed on the building. Alisha and husband Paddy were in the process of renovating the cottage at Lislea, Omeath, so Paddy could be near his elderly mother.

Speaking to the Irish Daily Mirror, Alisha said she would not have survived had she not been awoken in the early hours by Rosie. Alisha, with Paddy at work, managed to escape the fire, as did the couples other two dogs - Woodrow and Petey. Rosie, who they took in only recently, did not survive. 

“I think by waking me that Rosie did save my life because it was literally seconds I had to get out," she told the newspaper. 

“I called all the dogs to come with me and when I realised Rosie our rescue dog was not with me. I thought she must have run into the nearby woods.

“I searched and called for her for what seemed like ages.” Firefighters later discovered Rosie on Alisha's bed but were unsuccessful in trying to revive her. 

“Paddy was at work and he is convinced that Rosie barking or scratching at the door must have woken me.

“When I woke up I could smell smoke. I am not sure what woke me but Paddy is convinced it was Rosie. I think by waking me she did save my life.”

The couple have only recently returned from the United States, as Paddy could be nearer his family. 

A public meeting was held in the Dolmen Centre on Tuesday evening as the local community came out in force to offer support and donations as well as materials and expertise as the McKevitts attempt to rebuild after this tragic event. 

“The response from the community here has been absolutely amazing," Alisha, who along with Paddy has found temporary accomodation, told the Mirror. "Our neighbours are the best.”

You can read the full interview here. Their GoFundMe page can be accessed here