Wyvern Lingo to play Spirit Store in Dundalk

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Wyvern Lingo to play Spirit Store in Dundalk

Wyvern Lingo to play Spirit Store in Dundalk

Wyvern Lingo, three-piece girl band from Co. Wicklow, are set to play the Spirit Store on Sunday the 11th of March.

The talented trio is composed of Caoimhe Barry on vocals and drums, Karen Cowley on vocals, synth and bass and Saoirse Duane on vocals and guitar. The group recently appeared on The Late Late Show, are nominated for an RTE Choice Award: Song of the Year for their latest single ‘I Love You Sadie’, and are also on the front cover of this month's Hot Press.

Their debut album ‘Wyvern Lingo’ is released on the 23rd of February, and was rated 8/10 by Golden Plec and 8/10 by Hot Press. The girls have toured internationally with James Vincent McMorrow and Hozier. Wyvern Lingo are signed to indie record label RubyWorks.

The Bray natives say they have always been friends first, band second. Karen, who plays bass and synth as well as harmonising with Caoimhe and Saoirse, says that the trio became friendly when the all started attending Loretto School in Bray. “Since first year, we have all played music together,” Karen reveals.

The bass player also says that the band always wanted to take things further. “We had that dream, like every band,” she says. “We always kept up Wyvern Lingo, even when we did different things after we left school like work and college.”

“We saved up money and released our EP, which was a bit of a DIY job,” Karen laughs. “Out of that, we got a manager, a publishing deal, then a record deal, all in the space of a year and a half,” she continues. Karen says the band have a great relationship with their record label. “Rubyworks really look after their acts, and they gave us the time to create our album, they didn’t rush us,” she says.  

Wyvern Lingo have a distinctive sound, and the three bandmates have amazing vocal harmonies. “We always could harmonise ,” Karen explains. “It is something we have always done, we come from musical families…. it just is natural to us. I suppose Fleetwood Mac is a big influence of ours too.” The harmonies are a unique sound, one of the reasons why the band’s music is so catchy.

Wyvern Lingo’s self-titled debut album is a sincere and honest piece of work, according to Karen. “The album as a whole is a collection of lived, shared experiences, and writing the songs was cathartic for us,” she claims.

The girls count Led Zepplin, Queen and Fleetwood Mac as major influences for their work. “We all listened to our parent’s albums, whatever was in the house,” Karen says. “But we are also very influenced by 90’s American R&B, like Alicia Keys and Destiny’s Child… our more contemporary influences would be Solange and A Tribe Called Quest,” she adds. “Stevie Knicks would be a personal influence of mine.”

Wyvern Lingo will be touring the UK, Germany and the Netherlands after they finish up gigging in Ireland. “We are really excited to headline our own shows in the UK, we have toured there before with Hozier,” Karen says. “We also are looking forward to going back to Germany, Germans just have a completely different way of going to gigs and listening to music,” the singer explains. “It is just the best being able to travel to different places, we can’t wait!”

Karen laughs when I say that Wyvern Lingo is an unusual name, and reveals there is a funny story behind it. “Our music teacher from secondary school, who we are still in contact with because she was so supportive, said that we needed a band name for the leaflets for the school concert… so we looked in the dictionary and saw that ‘wyvern’ means dragon, and we thought that was cool, then Wyvern Lingo just stuck,” Karen laughs. “Some people love it, other hate it, but we are the only Wyvern Lingo out there.”

This isn’t the first time Wyvern Lingo have played the Spirit Store. “It’s a lovely venue and pub, beautiful stonework and it reminds me of our local in a way… we have a lot of love for the place,” Karen concludes.

Wyvern Lingo’s album can be found on iTunes and Spotify. To get your tickets for the gig, visit http://www.spiritstore.ie/tickets.php.