Dundalk Cllr calls out motorists abusing disability parking bays

Maeve Yore says Operation Enable is on it's way

Barry Landy


Barry Landy



Dundalk Cllr calls out motorists abusing disability parking bays

Three of six cars parked at DKIT Sport had no disability permit

Independent councillor Maeve Yore has hit out at those who abuse disabled parking bays in the town. 

In a Facebook post made on Saturday afternoon, Yore said that of six vehicles parked in the disabled parking bay at the front of the DKIT Sport facility on the Inner Relief Road, only three were disability badge holders. 

"For those of you parked in disabled parking bays [at] DKIT Sport today at 2pm PLEASE STOP. 3 badges displayed out of all these cars," she wrote.

The Cllr, a fervant disability rights campaigner, also called out people who availed of the disabled parking bays when the badge holder was not with them. 

"For those of you who use badges when wheelchair user/badge holder not with you - PLEASE STOP. This is an ongoing and escalating problem and needs to stop. Operation Enable is coming to Louth and zero tolerance will be enforced. 

Last year, Gardai in the Traffic Corps launched the nationwide clampdown on people parking in disabled bays without proper parking badges.

Fines of up to €2,000 can be imposed on motorists who are found to have committed the offence. 

Operation Enable has already been rolled out and seen fines issued in areas including Dublin, Limerick and Kerry.