Scam artist who defrauded 84-year-old woman in Dundalk jailed

Dundalk District Court

Scam artist who defrauded 84-year-old woman in Dundalk jailed

An Englishman who was involved in a scam, which saw an 84 year old woman withdraw cash from her bank account and hand it over in the belief that she would get a bigger sum back, was sentenced to nine months at Dundalk District court last week.

The court heard Gary Martin (47) with an address at Evington, Skelmsdale, West Lancashire was arrested after a member of the bank's staff because suspicious and contacted the gardaí.

The court was told last Wednesday that the pensioner felt she was doing a good turn for someone who had a wife and a sick child.

Gary Martin was before the court charged with stealing €5,500 from the pensioner and by deception, inducing her to provide an amount of cash with the intention of making a gain for himself or another, at Boyd's Car Park, Dundalk on January 15th last.

The court heard the victim had previously withdrawn €5,500 from her account at Ulster bank, and was seeking to take out another €3,000, when a member of staff questioned her about the transaction and the elderly woman became sheepish.

Gardaí were alerted and were present when the defendant arrived to collect the money.

The Defence solicitor said there were a number of peculiar features to the case, and explained that apart from then, the 84 year old had previously been communicating with another individual who is not Gary Martin.

He said the victim had foolishly agreed to hand over money in the belief that she would get a greater sum in return.

The solicitor stressed that no threats of violence was involved and the injured party was “sold a pig in a poke by somebody not before the court”.

He added that his client is an alcoholic, who was useful to the other people behind the con.

The court heard the DPP had directed the case be dealt with in the district court and not by indictment in the Circuit Court.

Judge John Coughlan imposed a nine month sentence from January 16th when the accused went into custody, saying "I regard this as a sordid crime on an old lady".