Sentence for assaulting care worker at Dundalk offices

Dundalk District Court

Sentence for assaulting care worker at Dundalk offices
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A 38-year-old man who assaulted a care worker in the offices of the Child and Family Agency in Dundalk has been sentenced to five months at the local district court.

Fergal Sheehy of Oakvale Park, Bay Estate pleaded guilty to the offence at the Tusla offices on the Louth County Hospital campus on September 11th, 2015.

The court heard the defendant was on the premises to see a family member, and became aggressive and began to shout when a member of staff became concerned about the defendant’s behaviour and removed them from the room.

Fergal Sheehy refused to leave and insisted he was entitled to the visit.

A social worker who was standing at the door told him that the guards had been called and asked him to leave.

In response, the defendant pulled a lanyard from around the man's neck and threw it against a wall before shoving past him purposely hitting him in the chest.

Fergal Sheehy had 29 previous convictions including public order offences.

The Defence solicitor stressed that none of them were for violence and added that the circumstances were 'all very emotive' and she added the accused had attended the garda station in person to make a complaint about how his family member had been removed from the room as he believed they'd been 'pulled out aggressively'.

Judge John Coughlan imposed a five-month sentence saying "care workers must be protected".

He said the accused could appeal by lodging a €200 cash recognisance.