Councillor says Dundalk Fire Station neighbours have "concerns"

There are plans to build a new training area

Barry Landy


Barry Landy


Councillor says Dundalk Fire Station neighbours have "concerns"

Dundalk Fire Station

Residents of Bishop's Court in Dundalk have expressed concern over plans to build a Road Traffic Collision ditch adjacent to Dundalk Fire Station. 

Plans are afoot to construct the new training facility in a green area that sits between the station and the residential area at Meadow Grove. 

LMFM Radio report that Fine Gael councillor Maria Doyle raised the issue at this month's Dundalk Municipal District meeting. Doyle said she had been contacted by residents who are keen to see plans for the new training aid. 

It would be used to teach fire service personnel how to secure cars in various off-road positions. 

The councillor says residents would like to be engaged about the process, with concerns exisiting over "noise and visual implications."

"Residents want to know what exactly is it going to look like when it's done. They want to see the plans," Doyle told LMFM.