Louth has the fifth highest divorce rate in the country

Carlow had the highest rate in the country for the second year running

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke



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Louth has the fifth highest amount of divorce rates in the country

Louth has the fifth highest divorce rates out of Ireland, according to population, figures released by the Courts Service reveal. 

Per 100,000 of the population, Louth had a divorce rate of 94.25%. 

The breakdown of figures for Louth, which has a population of 128, 375 show that 121 divorce applications were received and 98 were granted in Louth during 2016. 

The top five counties with highest divorce rates are as follows: Carlow, Dublin, Tipperary, Louth, and Clare. 

Carlow had a rate of 116.04% divorce rates during 2016. Dublin came in next with 104.87% followed by Tipperary at 99.72% and then Clare at 95.25%. 

Nationwide data from the Courts Service show that there were more than 4,100 divorce applications in 2016. 3,197 were granted.

In addition, a further 1,324 couples applied for a judicial separation, which means that married couples can split in a less complicated way than having to go through a divorce. 

Carlow had the highest rate of divorce applications, according to population, for the second year running. There 66 divorce applications received in the county in 2016, which were all granted.