Dundalk band The Future West to release EP in the Spirit Store

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Dundalk band The Future West to release EP in the Spirit Store

Dundalk band The Future West to release EP in the Spirit Store

Dundalk’s finest mid-fi band, The Future West, are launching their new EP, Radio Town, in The Spirit Store on Saturday the 17th of February.

Tickets cost €5 and doors open at 8pm. The Future West will be joined onstage by L-arry and Hunting Hall. For more information visit the Facebook event page.

The Future West formed in 2016, and is made up of Francis Watters on microphone and guitar, John Mellon on bass guitar and Dean Watters on Drums. “I've known Dean since secondary school but we never really spoke until Electric Picnic 2016 when he asked if The Future West had any shows coming up,” Francis says.

“I said ‘we have no drummer’ and as I said it I realised he played drums and he agreed to come and play with us. Around the same time, we didn't have a bass player. I saw John playing with another band whilst wearing a t-shirt of my favourite band, The Cribs. It was a no brainer to ask him to join,” Francis explains.

The Future West describe their sound as indie/mid-fi. “I find that ‘mid-fi’ isn't a term that's used to describe bands a lot” says Francis. “‘Lo-fi’ is the one you always see crop up and that essentially means a band’s sound is very loose and not always recorded at the highest quality. I find that we're somewhere in between a lo-fi band and a well-produced pop band. We have a loose sound yes, but I always try and go a little bit ‘Queen’ on it when doing the vocal harmonies so yeah, we always land somewhere in between,” Francis explains.

The Future West’s new EP is called "Radio Town" because the track of the same name is going to be the lead single. “It's the best representation of all the elements contained overall in the new sound of all the songs,” says Francis.

The Future West’s debut album, ‘Holy S*** Here Comes Future West’ differs quite a lot from the ‘Radio Town’ EP, according to Francis. “With ‘Holy S***’ there is literally no dynamic to it. It's pretty much just a flat level of loud noise. It's rammed with every part I could think to include on every track and some of the songs are very long. The vocals are also very distorted as is nearly everything else,” Francis admits.

“With ‘Radio Town’ I've really cleaned it all up. The songs are a lot more coherent, have better structure, have less instruments and there's no distorted vocals. I put a lot of time and effort into crafting these songs a lot better and even lyrically, I feel it's the best stuff I've put to paper so far.”

Local artist Ian Matthews designed the album covers for the band. “I've known Ian for a very long time. Maybe since I was about 15? He's one of my oldest friends and I've always known him to be one of the most talented artists that I know,” Francis reveals. “I had an image of our first album cover in my head so I found loads of images online that I thought would work, sent them all to Ian and said to just mash all of this together and make something insane and colourful looking.”

L-arry and Hunting Hall will also be joining The Future West on stage for the launch. “We decided to go with L-Arry and Hunting Hall for a number of reasons,” says Francis. “The first being that there used to be five members in The Future West and now there's only three. L-Arry are also a three piece and Hunting Hall is a solo act. We felt that keeping every act to three members maximum would be really cool.”

“We also wanted L-Arry because their frontman Joseph Edwards produced ‘Radio Town’ for us. At the end of the day though, these two acts write fantastic music and are good friends of ours so sharing the bill with such talent is sure to be a pleasure.”

Francis is planning to embark on a new adventure in London very soon. “The plan for London is to take The Future West further on my own. There will still be music recorded and released under that name but I'll be doing the gigs by myself. Whenever I'm back in the country however it will always be the three of us,” Francis explained.

This won’t be The Future West’s first time in England. “We performed two shows in the UK in March last year. We played "Gorilla" in Manchester and nearly filled the place, due to my brother living there.” Francis says.

“Then two days later we drove a really swanky hired van down to Leeds only to find the venue had done absolutely no promo for the gig what so ever, and that our support band who were supposed to bring the crowd had pulled out. We played to two people that night,” he reveals. “It was pretty grim but highly worth it to just to have a giggle at ourselves at how the whole thing fell apart so quickly. We still hold the memory that the Manchester show was one of our best shows to date so it was by no means a waste of time,” Francis adds.