Check out the stunning new plans for Clanbrassil Street and the St Nicholas Quarter in Dundalk

Urban regeneration proposals

David Lynch


David Lynch


Check out the stunning new plans for Clanbrassil Street and the St Nicholas Quarter in Dundalk

As part of the regeneration attempts for Clanbrassil Street and the Bridge Street/St Nicholas Quarter in Dundalk, new plans have been revealed of what the new development could look like if completed.

Speaking to the Democrat local restoration expert Stephen Hickey, who has studied the plans, gave his thoughts on the major changes proposed.

"I spent a bit of time piecing these together, the proposed plans for Clanbrassil Street, The Nicholas Quarter, Linenhall St/Fairgreen and Bridge Street. These are only the main changes, there is far more detail on the Louth CoCo's website/at the Town Hall.

"The level of surveying, research and analysis appears to be quite impressive, from lengthy reports on traffic flow, volume and routes, tree studies, pedestrian volumes, design and conservation reports.

"The main changes to traffic are at the North end of the street, as seen from the plans. Clanbrassil Street will see a reduction in traffic lane width, with an increase in footpath width. Parking will reduce on the street by 12%, or 2% in the general 2500 parking space area.

"No cycling lanes are proposed, cyclists will be expected to merge with the overall slower moving traffic. The proposed common areas, notably in the Nicholas Quarter look great. Pedestrian crossings will be far clearer.

"Asphalt is being used on the roads and parking spaces, granite is proposed for the footpath surfaces.

"As with any project, the result will very much rely upon the execution. No doubt the last renovation of the street looked great on paper, yet did not withstand the test of time. Lets hope lessons have been learned and we'll have a great street once again."