Rock Against Racism in the Spirit Store aims to fight racism in Dundalk

Taking action following recent events in the town

Aine Kenny


Aine Kenny


Rock Against Racism in the Spirit Store aims to fight racism in Dundalk

Rock Against Racism in the Spirit Store aims to fight racism in Dundalk

The Spirit Store are hosting a music gig, Rock Against Racism, on Saturday the 10th of February at 8pm .  Talented local musicians Jinx Lennon, Pete Johnson, A R S E, Ines Khai and Alice Robinson are joining forces to put on a spectacular show.

This event aims to show solidarity and to fight against racism in Dundalk. The gig is being organised by local artist and activist Sarah Jane Hopkins, who was inspired to take action following recent events in the town.

“Dundalk has experienced acute trauma and tragedy. I wanted to create an opportunity for the entire community, regardless of background, to come together in unity, solidarity and song,” Sarah Jane explains.

“Local bands are volunteering their time and talent for this very special concert. The message is clear: racism has no place in our town and at times of crisis we need to stand together and create something positive.”

Many skilled musicians are performing at the event. “David Bellew, Tara Tine, Olof Berg, and John O’Hanlon are all performing. Also performing are A R S E who are from up north (Belfast) and Ines Khai is from the Caribbean.”

Sarah Jane is also a very talented artist and she designed the posters for the event. “I made it from cutting out images with paint over some of the images. I wanted it to look like an old school punk RAR poster,” Sarah Jane explains.

Teresa Buczkowska, the Integration Coordinator of the Immigrant Council of Ireland, says that the Council is really excited to support the event. “Events that focus on bringing communities together to enjoy art, music and culture are a positive way to build bonds and break down barriers,” she says.

“It’s so important to take a positive stand against racism and promote tolerance and we commend Sarah Jane for this fantastic effort,” she adds. “We want to raise awareness of what we all have in common instead of trying to find divisions.”

The Immigrant Council of Ireland is a non-governmental organisation and Independent Law Centre which provides information, advice and legal representation to migrants and their families moving to or living in Ireland. They help families navigate the complicated immigration system in Ireland, as well as acting as a catalyst for public debate, legal change and policy change. A large part of their work involves combatting racism.

Entry on the night is €8 with all proceeds going to the Immigrant Council of Ireland. Doors open at 7.30pm. Further details can be found on the Facebook event page: