Maxol and Dundalk IT team-up to design the 'Forecourt of the Future'


David Lynch


David Lynch


Maxol and Dundalk IT team-up to design the 'Forecourt of the Future'

John Sisk, Director of Marketing Studies, DKIT; Mario MacBlain, Lecturer, DKIT; Patricia Moriarty, Head of School of Business & Humanities, DKIT; Colin Fee, Maxol Licensee, Dundalk, and Brian Donaldso

Irish forecourt convenience retailer Maxol launched the Innovative Visionary in Marketing Award at Dundalk Institute of Technology (DKIT) this week.  

Brian Donaldson, CEO, The Maxol Group visited the college to announce the competition to students studying in the School of Business and Humanities.

The three best teams from the college will have the opportunity to present their vision of “the service station of the future”, at Maxol’s largest retailer event in April, which is attended by over 350 retailers from across the Maxol network of service stations.  The event will also feature world leading authorities in customer trends and consumer behaviours, and presentations from experts in advancements in car and retail technologies. The winning student will receive an eight-week internship in the Marketing Department at The Maxol Group.

To enter, students will form teams of three and prepare their vision for the Maxol Service Station of the Future.  Presentations will be based on providing an insight into the type of products and services Maxol will offer in 2025, and how customer behaviour may evolve in the forecourt convenience business over the next seven years.

The judging panel is comprised of senior representatives from Maxol’s retail department, John Sisk and Mario MacBlain from the School of Business & Humanities at DKIT, and Colin Fee, local businessman and Dundalk Maxol retailer.

 Brian Donaldson, CEO, The Maxol Group said,

“We’d like students to fire up their imagination and think about how technology can deliver a superior experience to customers. Here at Maxol, innovation is at the heart of what we do – we are always imagining the forecourt of the future. Integral to Maxol is our commitment to community and we are proud to be able to offer this opportunity to students to help to fulfill their potential and to give them the opportunity to enhance their CV and gain invaluable work experience in our marketing department.”

John Sisk, Director of Marketing Studies, DKIT, said,

“Change is being driven by improvements in technology and in societal behaviours, and we want our students to understand this in terms of how it works in the real world. We wanted to devise a challenge that would encourage the next generation of students and we are gratified that The Maxol Group has offered this valuable opportunity for students from Dundalk Institute of Technology to compete, and to garner first hand experience at a company of its stature.”