RTÉ News asked Ardee publicans and locals about Good Friday booze ban being lifted

The Dáil has decided to allow alcohol to be sold on the holy day

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke



RTE news Ardee

RTE news spoke to publicans and locals in Ardee yesterday about the Good Friday booze ban being lifted

RTÉ News travelled to Ardee last night to speak local publicans and locals about the Dáil’s decision to allow alcohol to be sold on Good Friday. 

Mickey McCreanor, owner of Butterly's pub in Ardee said: "I'd say it's good. We're living in an international democracy here, it's no longer parish law. Let them do what they want. I can't see anything wrong with it." 

RTÉ also spoke to Gerard Tenanty, owner of Tenanty's pub, who didn't feel as positive about the news. 

Mr. Tenanty said: "It's extra work for us. We only get two days off a year, but it's looking like just one day off now."  

In a Dáil debate yesterday, TD's were divided on the issue. There were also mixed views when RTÉ reporters spoke to locals on the streets of Ardee.

One man said: "I think it's a great idea. I'm not religious, so I don't see why one religion should tell other people what to do." 

An Ardee woman told RTÉ she was against the ban. She said: "I think there's plenty of days and nights throughout the year when the pubs are open beside  this one holy day of the year. I wouldn't agree with it myself." 

There were also mixed views on the new law, which the Government hopes to bring in before Easter, from publicans around Dundalk who spoke with The Dundalk Democrat yesterday.