Apology issued to customers over M1 toll overcharging

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Apology issued to customers over M1 toll overcharging

Apology issued to customers over M1 toll overcharging

Celtic Roads Group have issued an apology to customers who had been overcharged due to a technical issue with the M1 toll system.

In a statement on their website, Celtic Roads Group (Dundalk) DAC, stated that "credit has now/will shortly be applied" to effected customer accounts "to remedy this matter".

"The M1 toll plaza (Celtic Roads Group (Dundalk) DAC) have recently identified an error which occurred with the billing process that may have affected your electronic tag account.

"As you may be aware Celtic Roads Group (Dundalk) DAC have been implementing a toll collection system renewal project at the M1 Toll plazas during 2017, this project has now been fully commissioned and is complete.

"During this extremely challenging project the contractor had to replace the existing toll collection system with a new one whilst maintaining the availability of all methods of payment and processing traffic efficiently and effectively.

"Arising out of this the contractor had difficulty in dealing with the provision of the benefit of the 3-hour free re-entry aspect of the M1 Toll Scheme, and as a result an isolated number of circumstances arose where a tag was incorrectly charged on the M1 toll road for passages that should have been toll free.

"Your tag may have been identified as one of those where the 3-hour re-entry mechanism was not appropriately applied, and, if so, credit has now/will shortly be applied to your account to remedy this matter. Cash customers or other non ETC payments methods were not affected by this fault.

"Celtic Roads Group (Dundalk) DAC, express our sincere apologies to customers for any inconvenience caused by this issue."