Music Generation Louth set to wow crowds with Armagh performance

Performing Vivaldi’s Gloria

Áine Kenny


Áine Kenny


Music Generation Louth set to wow crowds with Armagh performance

Music Generation Louth set to wow crowds with Armagh performance

Music Generation Louth’s Senior Strings to wow the crowds by performing Vivaldi’s Gloria in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Armagh

Music Generation Louth’s Senior Strings are set to perform Vivaldi’s Gloria this Sunday January 21st at 7:30pm. They will be accompanied by St. Paul’s High School Choir from Bessbrook. The event will take place in St Patrick’s Cathedral in Armagh and all are welcome to attend.

Gemma Murray, Music Generation Louth’s co-ordinator, says that Senior Strings are “just super.” “They are at such a high standard, they wanted a challenge and Vivaldi presents that,” she says. “We wanted to look towards the Baroque era because it has rich material for a string orchestra,” she explains.

MGL’s Senior Strings paired up with St. Paul’s Highschool Bessbrook because the director of Senior Strings, Jayne Graham, teaches in the school. “They have an amazing music department there, this choir has such a professional sound and they even sang in the Vatican,” Gemma says. “So, we decided to join our musical forces together.”

“They’re all just normal kids and teenagers who happen to be amazing musicians and singers,” Gemma says. The head of the music department in St. Paul’s Bessbrook is also the organist in Armagh Cathedral, so that is why it was chosen as the venue. “It is an amazing space to perform in and it all just came together,” Gemma smiles.

“The choir is a girls’ choir, and Vivaldi himself taught in a girls’ school back in the day so Gloria lends itself well to female voices,” Gemma explains. “It is a challenging piece, but they are nailing it.”

Senior Strings and St. Paul’s Choir have been practicing since September and Senior Strings from Louth get a bus up to Bessbrook so the two groups can rehearse together. They also practice in Dundalk Institute of Technology. “They usually practice for one hour to one and a half hours each week,” Gemma says. “This is something that the students do in their spare time, it’s a hobby, but they’ve shown such commitment and they really are fantastic.”

Senior Strings is mainly composed of young teenagers. Their eldest student is in Transition Year and their youngest is in 5th class.

“Music can take you anywhere, it can be a destresser for young people who have very busy lives,” Gemma claims. “It is important to give young people from Louth the opportunity to make music a part of their day… and I suppose our goal is to set people on a journey of life-long musical participation,” Gemma concludes.

Music Generation Louth is part of Music Generation, Ireland’s National Music Education Programme. The programme aims to transform “the lives of children and young people through access to high quality performance music education in their locality.”

Music Generation Louth have a diverse range of programmes and tuition services available in their five regional centres, located in Dundalk, Ardee, Dunleer, Bush and Drogheda. They also offer a range of programmes through primary schools and secondary schools in Dundalk. For more information contact Gemma on 042 9364635.