Hero lorry driver comes to aid of stranded Dundalk family

Car fire on M1 Motorway

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Hero lorry driver comes to aid of stranded Dundalk family

Hero lorry driver comes to aid of Dundalk family

One lucky Dundalk family had a knight in shining armour come to their aid last Friday when their car caught fire on the M1 motorway just outside Dublin.

The everyday hero in question was Tony Weafer, a lorry driver from Tallaght, who saw the family car ablaze on the hard shoulder and immediately stepped in.

Tony takes over the story from here:

"It was between Junction 4 and 5 on the M1. I saw a car catch fire and a man jumped out with two kids. I pulled in and I saw a child seat and thought there was another kid inside, so I ran up with a fire extinguisher and opened the door.

"Luckily, the car was empty", added Tony, speaking to The Democrat this week. 

HERO: Tony Weafer

"The kids then said they had an iPad in the glove box so I grabbed everything from it.

"They were freezing and I asked if they wanted to get into the truck and out of the cold.

"I stayed with the dad until the fire brigade and guards came and then he asked if I could drop them up to get a lift from his sister and I of course said yes.

"I was just glad they were all okay."

As evidence from the below photograph, the damage to the car was extensive...

Not all heroes wear capes. Great job Tony.