Dundalk commuters left dismayed by 'viciously overcrowded' trains to Dublin

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Áine Kenny


Áine Kenny



Dundalk commuters left dismayed by 'viciously overcrowded' trains to Dublin

Dundalk commuters left dismayed by overcrowded trains to Dublin

Commuters from Dundalk were left disappointed by the overcrowding on the 8am train from Dundalk to Connolly station this morning.

One annoyed train passenger on Twitter says: “@IrishRail the 8am train from dundalk to connolly is a carriage short again this morning leaving everyone at Dundalk and Drogheda standing. Why is this? #irishrail #irishfail”.

There was also overcrowding on an Enterprise train heading to Dublin, with no seats being left after Newry. Another dismayed train passenger tweeted: “No seats again this morning after Newry. Dundalk passengers having to stand for over an hour. Short one carriage - is this going to be a reoccurring event?”.

Enterprise Train’s official Twitter account responded to the complaint with: “This is not what we want either. I am very sorry for the inconvenience ^JC.”

Another Twitter user pointed out potential health and safety issues associated with overcrowding on a busy train: “Unsafe conditions on Enterprise to Dublin again today due to another morning of reduced capacity.  People spilling boiling cups of tea on each other due to sporadic movements caused by train speed and absence of seating or standing room. Access to toilets impossible. @IrishRail”.

The passenger then went on to compare the overcrowding situation to a “dystopian episode of Black Mirror” and asked Irish Rail to direct them to the official complaint service.

Irish Rail replied with “apologies, the train is designed to safely accommodate standing, although we do appreciate it's not the most comfortable, you can submit complaints/feedback through the following link.”

In another frustrated tweet, a regular commuter says: “Dundalk and Newry have barely a skeleton service. The trains are slow, viciously overcrowded and the fares way higher than the leap zone.”