Louth Heritage call for 2018 Recording Challenge

National Biodiversity Data Centre seeks new data

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Dundalk Democrat



iddt2 robin redbreast

A robin redbreast

LOUTH Heritage is calling on locals to support Biodiversity Ireland's New Year 2018 Recording Challenge.

The Recording Challenge is due to take place from January 1-14. Louth Heritage is asking all friends of Louth Heritage to report some wildlife records to the National Biodiversity Data Centre.

In an online post, Louth Heritage stated: “Louth is doing really badly in the national league. In 2017 we were in 27th place nationally (the other 25 counties in the State AND Antrim are all ahead of us.

“It would be really helpful if you could go online before January 14 (http://records.biodiversityireland.ie/) and record anything, even a little robin redbreast on a feeder in your garden. Who knows you might even catch the recording bug.”