Strong garda presence in Dundalk after fatal attack

Locals questioned in three locations in Dundalk this morning

Tamara O'Connell


Tamara O'Connell


iddt2 avenue road enquiries

Gardaí making enquiries on the Avenue Road earlier this morning

THERE is a strong Garda presence in Dundalk today with a number of gardai making enquiries in three separate locations around town.

Motorists were being stopped by gardaí on the Avenue Road earlier this morning and asked if they had seen or heard anything related to the attack which took place yesterday near Medebawn.

Gardaí were also questioning motorists at Seatown and the Inner Relief Road. According to gardaí, people are being helpful with their enquiries and coming forward with information relating to the attack which left one man dead and two others injured. 

A garda spokesperson said that there have been no further developments in relation to the 18-year-old suspect being detained at Dundalk Garda Station. 

The man was arrested and taken to the station for questioning shortly after 9am yesterday morning after he was disarmed by gardaí following the attack which involved at least one knife and a fencing post. 

The suspect can be held for 24 hours for questioning without charge. 

Yosuke Sasaki, aged 24, from Japan died after sustaining injuries in what appears to be an "unprovoked" and "random" attack while he was on his way to work at National Pen.

Above: Yosuke Sasaki (24) died after being fatally stabbed on the Avenue Road, Dundalk while walking to work

Local man Cian Murphy, aged 22, was injured during the attack but his injuries are not life-threatening. Mr Murphy is a student at Dundalk Institute of Technology and also works for National Tile. 

A 23-year-old Dundalk man was also injured at Seatown. He sustained a head injury after being hit with a fencing post. His injuries are also not life-threatening.

Above: Cian Murphy (22) from the Red Barn's Road area of Dundalk was assaulted but his injuries were not serious