Dundalk singer thrilled to have song praised by cult hero Tommy Wiseau 

James Franco plays The Room creator in his new movie, The Disaster Artist 

By Tia Clarke


By Tia Clarke



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Fionnuala McGeough, Lucie O'Flynn and Susan Hurley of Shiftwork

A singer from Dundalk has received praise from cult hero and director of The Room, Tommy Wiseau for her band Shiftwork's song. 

James Franco plays the wonderfully weird Wiseau in his new movie, The Disaster Artist. 

James Franco (left) as Tommy Wiseau (right) in The Disaster Artist 

The 'Christmas miracle' came about when Fionnuala McGeough and her band Shiftwork posted their latest song 'Ode to Tommy' on Facebook. 

The hilarious video features the girls singing whilst puppets reenact classic scenes from what has been branded as 'the worst film ever made in the history of cinema'. 

Tommy took to social media to give a shoutout to the Shiftwork girls and repost their video to his legions of devoted fans.

He wrote: "Puppet Show with a beautiful song by the beautiful Shiftwork ladies." 

Speaking to the Dundalk Democrat Fionnuala said: "It was a big surprise to see Tommy Wiseau, one of our heroes, retweet our video on Twitter. We're so stoked to know he liked our song and shared it with fellow fans." 

The Shiftwork ladies also gave a shout out to their hero saying: "Big thanks to Tommy for endless hours of entertainment." 

Check out Shiftwork's music at:  www.facebook.com/shiftworkmusic/