Dundalk girl issues warning after mugging ordeal

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Dundalk girl issues warning after mugging ordeal

Dundalk girl issues warning after mugging on Avenue Road

Dundalk girl Sarah Hartigan took to social media this afternoon to highlight her mugging ordeal, which occurred on the Avenue Road last night.

Sarah explained what happened in a post on her Facebook page:

"I got mugged last night on the Avenue Road by a junkie.

"I know it's a long shot, but if anyone sees a black fur bag dumped anywhere around Woodbury/Avondale/Ashbrook areas or even Muirhevnamor please take it and let me know! I have important cards I really need in there.

"Even more of a long shot, if anyone hears of a rose gold iPhone 6S being sold also please let me know."

Sarah finished by warning people of the dangers of walking in the area.

"Most importantly - be careful walking around those areas too, because I really wouldn't wish this on anyone", she finished.

Anyone with any information can contact Sarah via her Facebook page here.

Or contact local gardai.