WEATHER UPDATE: Heavy snow forecasted for Louth tonight

A national weather warning is in place for snow and ice

Tia Clarke


Tia Clarke


IDDT Snow Dundalk

Recent snowfall in Dundalk Photo: Arthur Kinihan

Planning some late night Christmas shopping today? You might want to wrap up as it looks like Louth is in store for more snow. 

The always reliable local weather Facebook page, Louth Weather, has predicted "quite heavy snow" for Dundalk and surrounding areas from  9pm  tonight. 

A post by Louth Weather on Tuesday morning said: "My previous heads up in relation to some wintry weather for Wednesday afternoon and evening remains. The GFS models are showing quite heavy snow for us around 9pm , but I'm not confident this will materialise . I will update as the situation becomes clearer."

Judging by Louth Weather's most recent forecast you should keep your brolly handy as it looks like there'll be plenty of downpours today. 

Louth weather said: "Lots of showers about today (it wouldn't be a proper Wednesday without some rain in the forecast!). Some of these showers will be heavy with a slight risk of the odd rumble of thunder. Windier than of late.

"Temperatures are currently [at  10am  Wednesday] around 5°C so it's all rain at the moment. However it will become colder (roughly a drop of 0.5°C every hour) as the day progresses ( 11am 4°C, 1pm 3°C, 3pm 2°C and 5pm 1°C)." 

And it looks like "wet snow" is on the cards for tonight. 

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Louth Weather's prediction read: "So we enter impossible-to-forecast borderline territory this afternoon where the rain turns wintry. How wintry is the big question . At the moment it looks like we will see wet snow, but the roads should remain clear.

"Higher roads may well become dangerous. However, to repeat what I've said numerous times before, this is so marginal it's impossible to be certain; a drop of even 0.5°C can change everything." 

Before signing off the Louth weather expert said he would "update later as the situation unfolds".

Meanwhile, Ireland's national weather forecaster, Met Eireann has issued a Yellow snow-ice weather warning for the entire country. 

Met Eireann's warning predicts: "Widespread heavy and thundery showers during Wednesday and Thursday will produce hail, sleet and snow at times, leading to accumulations of ice on untreated surfaces."

The weather warning is in place from 11am  today until 8pm tomorrow. 

An update from Met Éireann this morning confirmed we could see showers turning to sleet and snow later this afternoon and evening.