Most popular baby names in Louth revealed

In 1967, John and Mary were the most popular monikers in the country.

Dundalk Democrat


Dundalk Democrat

So do you know the most popular names for boys and girls in Donegal in 2016?

The list of most popular Irish Babies’ names for 2016 has been released.

Emily and James have been revealed as the most popular names in Louth.

For boys, Muhammad, Louis, Lucas, Josh, Jason and Ollie have grown most in popularity, with Muhammad jumping 36 places since 2015.

Celebrity culture is continued to be seen as an influence in girls' names, with Willow, Matilda, Harper, Heidi and Zoey showing the most growth in popularity.

Emily, Grace, Ava, Lucy and Amelia jointly with Sophie were ranked in the top five monikers of choice for newly arrived baby girls, while none of them made the top 100 just 50 years ago.

The difference in taste county by county is still prevalent, with James being the most popular boys' name in Dublin, Charlie in Cork City and Daniel in Waterford City.

Amelia earned the top spot  in Dublin City and Cork City, while Mia took the honours for new born baby girls in Waterford City. Fiadh was the most popular in Galway City.

Jack was the most popular name for boys and Grace the most popular for girls where both parents were of Irish nationality, while Finn and Isaac shared number one spot where both parents were UK nationals.  Aria and Emily shared the top spot for girls that were born to UK nationals in 2016.

Less popular names for boys included Anton, Brodie, Cruz, Harris and Feilim.  Less popular girls’ names included Blake, Indigo, Lucia, Reidin, Romy and Peyton.

Murphy, Kelly, O’Brien, Ryan and Walsh were the five most popular surnames of newborns.

In 1966, John and Mary were the most popular monikers in the country.