Seven changes Dundalk Democrat readers would make to the town centre


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Seven changes Dundalk Democrat readers would make to the town centre

Last week we detailed a few ways to improve Dundalk and there was a huge response. Here are some of the changes our readers would like to see made to the town centre.


“We should encourage more small shops to open in old existing buildings and encourage market days. There’s no need to constantly modernise either; old is good, sometimes all it takes is a bit of fresh paint. The town should also encourage market days. We could also allow more busking on streets - it brings out good atmosphere.” Julie Gonnelly

“Lower rates for town centre shops & establishments & higher for ones out of town to encourage businesses to come back to the town centre.” Valerie Lennon

“Lower the rates for the shops and Clanbrassil street might just buzz again.” Sarah McElwain


“A market filling the whole square with farmers produce, special foods like wild boar sandwiches, or second hand stalls selling classic but now cool 50s n 60s clothes. Or different stalls for different genres like reggae rock and old school. Bring the people back into town rather than big generic boring shopping centres around the edge.” Aindrias Mag Uidhir

“Get rid of ice rink at square, it's an eyesore, put it on race course road, plenty of space for it there, also a Christmas market would be fantastic!” Patricia Conneally

“Remind council officials they are here to serve, not take over! The Square belongs to the People, closing it off for financial gain is criminal, there's a ice-skating rink vacant in the retail area on the bypass, open it and allow the young people access.” Jackie Moran

“Don’t bring back that ice ring to the square it’s an eyesore! Put log cabin Christmas shops there in stead it be lovely at Christmas - and it would bring back the people to the square.” Paul Coburn

“The old tennis courts at the Magnet would be the ideal site for the Christmas Ice rink. Still close to the town centre. That, or maybe the Carroll Village car park. A monthly market at the square, books, records, farmers market? Build a stage at the square and invite local bands to play on weekend evenings. The square is a beautiful municipal space, use it.” Ciaran De Bhal


“Do something about the footpaths/lack of accessible pathways in the town. Trying to get around this town with a walking aid or wheelchair is near IMPOSSIBLE.” Tasha Lambert

“There are disgraceful footpaths on Main Street broken and uneven slabs all down the street. Every week I see pensioners pick their steps while walking on the Main Street of their town, surely they deserve better.” - Breige Cassidy Maughan


“Open up the old Dunnes on Park Street and make an open market - similar to English market in cork city - and also a place where teens can hang out.” Barry Mahony

“The old Dunnes Stores on park street would make an ideal music venue, something on a smaller scale to the 3Arena in Dublin, imagine if Dundalk could attract international acts to play there, it would boost the local economy massively!” Ollie McAleavey

“I'd like to see Dunnes on park street be turned into a Community Centre. With a drop in cafe for homeless people. A healing and mindfulness area. Play area for kids just full of boxes that would help to be creative and express themselves. A little corner full of musical instruments that people could call in and jam. And offer lots of community get together projects like food themed evenings , mentoring programmes, small appliance and gadget fix it workshops. So much cool stuff out there that brings communities together and encourages wellness on all levels.” Orla Crilly


“Guards need to come down on the cyclists who don't use the cycle lanes & break traffic lights - it's not one rule for us & another for them on the road & the council made sh*te of Dundalk's roads because of the cycle lanes that are barely used.” Louise Callaghan

“Get rid of the bicycle lanes barely anyone uses them.” Ryan McGeown

“Get rid of badly designed cycle lanes and replace with properly designed cycle lanes (they couldn't plan properly to save their lives)”. Sharon Keating


“Get rid of parking charges on Clanbrassil and Park Streets and limit parking time to 1 hour and get wardens to patrol them.” Michael McEneaney

A single one way traffic system around town and a large free multistory carpark in town centre will re generate clanbrassil street.” John Mulligan

“Start the redevelopment of Oriel Park - it's an embarrassment,the best team and supporters in Ireland deserve better.” Tony Melia

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