Dundalk man admitted having air pistol at home

Dundalk District Court

Dundalk man admitted having air pistol at home

A 24-year-old local man who admitted having an air pistol at his home was last week sentenced to nine months at Dundalk district court after he failed to complete 200 hours of community sentence.

Conor McElroy with an address at Villas 3, Muirhevnamor had been given the alternative to a prison service 15 months ago, but Judge John Coughlan was told the defendant acknowledged he had been lazy.

He had pleaded guilty to the unauthorised possession of a 4.5 calibre Beeman single-shot air pistol on December sixth 2014.

And the original court hearing in July last year, was told that the defendant and his mother had a row after he returned to the house after midnight and the accused took out what his mother believed at the time was a real gun and began waving it around.

His mum was very frightened and called the Gardai.

Although they established it was an air pistol, he was charged as it is a weapon as defined under the Firearms Act.

The court heard Conor McElroy had 38 previous convictions, including for public order and drugs possession and an earlier sitting heard that his mother had forgiven him for what happened and he had beaten a drug addiction which had "crippled" him.

However, last Wednesday, the Defence solicitor told the court the community service sentences "has not worked out as well as it might have done".

He added the defendant - who is awaiting entry to a degree course at DKIT, had suffered an injury, but acknowledged "he was lazy" in respect of the order.

A Probation Officer told the court the service had afforded the defendant every opportunity to engage with them.

Judge Coughlan imposed a nine month sentence but said he could appeal on entering a €300 cash bond.