Gardaí issue Halloween warning after Dundalk home has windows smashed by fireworks


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Dundalk Democrat

Gardaí issue Halloween warning after Dundalk home has windows smashed by fireworks

Gardaí have warned Dundalk residents of firework danger in the run-up to Halloween. 

The message comes after a residence on the Dublin Road had it's windows smashed by fireworks last night.

"Each year many children and young persons suffer terrible injuries caused by fireworks, including burns, loss of limbs and serious eye injuries.   

"It should be borne in mind that the sale, possession or use of fireworks in this country is illegal.

"It should be also noted that it is illegal to possess any fireworks that may have been legally purchased outside of the jurisdiction and then brought into the State. Many of the fireworks that are offered for sale illegally here have not passed any quality control tests and are possibly defective.

"The Gardai will confiscate any fireworks found in the possession of persons and such persons are also liable to prosecution. In addition there is a specific offence under law for throwing any ignited fireworks in public places.

"The only exception to these laws is where a 'professional' type firework display is authorised under permit.

"Apart from the risk of injury, fireworks can cause great distress and annoyance to elderly residents. They can set off intruder alarms, causing unnecessary extra demands on Garda resources. They can also cause great distress to family pets and animals. Finally, there always the possibility of outbreaks of fire in property if fireworks such as 'rockets' continue to burn after landing.

"We ask that parents be responsible in ensuring that their children do not cause injury to either themselves or others on Halloween night. If you discover that your children have possession of bangers/fireworks please take same from them.

"If anybody has information relating to the illegal sale of fireworks they should contact their local Garda Station or use the Garda Confidential Line telephone number 1800 - 666 - 111.

Louth County Council have also urged caution, speaking specifically about the danger of bonfires.

"In the run up to Halloween please remember that a “harmless” bonfire is in fact very harmful, to your health, your environment and your pocket!

"Not only do you risk a hefty fine, but the burning of waste is outlawed under the Waste Management and Air Pollution Act.

"Whether it is in your garden, a building site or even the green area of a housing estate, the burning of waste presents serious risks to the environment and to human health and is against the law.

"Waste includes, but is not confined to, household domestic rubbish, tyres, pallets, furniture, electrical goods, carpets, mattresses, grass and hedge cuttings.

"Beware and be warned, householders or businesses who give waste for bonfire purposes are also culpable and can face prosecution.

"If you see any waste stockpiled for burning, call Louth County Council on 1890 202 303.