Dundalk judge: 'Have you brought your suitcase with you for Mountjoy?'

Dundalk District Court

Dundalk judge: 'Have you brought your suitcase with you for Mountjoy?'

Judge John Coughlan asked Gareth Ward (36) of Oldbridge, Toberona “Have you brought a suitcase with you for Mountjoy” when his case was called.

He made the comment after the defence solicitor told the court there was a Probation report available in relation to her client, who was before the court charged with having Alprazolam at the McDonald’s drive-thru on April seventh 2016 and diamorphine at Market Square on April seventh.

There was a ripple of laughter from the body of the court at the suitcase remark but Judge Coughlan said “It’s no laughing matter. I can tell you”.

The case was put back to later in the day, when the solicitor said that her client is a recovering addict.

Insp. Martin Beggy outlined how a €20 deal of heroin was bought off the defendant at the Market Square and €20 worth of Alprazolam was purchased the following month.

The accused had 25 previous convictions including five for unlawful possession of drugs.

The court heard the defendant is trying to gain access to a residential treatment programme.

Judge Coughlan put back the case until the fourth of April for an updated Probation report and warned Gareth Ward “Should you not comply I’m going to give you 11 months in Mountjoy”.