Couple in Dundalk living in fear of neighbour, court hears

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Couple in Dundalk living in fear of neighbour, court hears

A mixed race couple told Dundalk District Court that they are in fear of a neighbour, who they claimed made a threat to kill the woman while being racially abusive towards her.

The barrister representing Stan Domadej with an address at St. Brigid's Terrace, Dundalk told the court that the 28 year old was 'rapping' in his home, and the words were not directed at the woman.

The accused was before the court charged with making a threat to kill or cause serious harm to the woman at St Brigid's Terrace on April 15th last year.

When the case was called, his barrister said while her client her client had had historic psychiatric difficulties, he had been assessed as being fit to enter a plea and understand the court proceedings and had given her instructions, that he was rapping in his home and the content of the words he was saying were construed as being insulting and racist.

She added she had no instructions to plead guilty.

The first witness told how his wife and children had returned from being out shopping, when he the accused started shouting racial abuse at her.

The witness claimed the accused had opened the window with a kitchen knife in his hand.

He agreed during cross examination by the Defence, that his neighbour was in his own property and remained there at all times.

The man's wife then gave evidence that the accused racially abused her and called her the n-word and he was holding something like a kitchen knife and he threatened to kill her.

She said "I'm afraid of him" and added "I have to lock my door all the time because of him".

At the end of the State's case, the defence barrister argued that there was no evidence given of an incident at St. Brigid's Terrace.

Although Insp. Martin Beggy said the witnesses - who reside on Mary St. North, live next to the defendant's home and there was only a gap of a wall between them, Judge John Coughlan dismissed the case.