Dundalk man told garda his name was 'Tommy Tiernan'

Dundalk District Court

Dundalk man told garda his name was 'Tommy Tiernan'

A 49 year old man accused of public order offences at the back of a courtroom where the Circuit Court was sitting, was given a two month suspended sentence at Dundalk District Court last week.

Judge John Coughlan heard that when a garda asked for his name, Michael O'Hagan with an address at Mary St. North, Dundalk told him it was Tommy Tiernan.

The defendant was before the court charged with giving a false name, failing to comply with the direction of a garda and using threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour at Dundalk Courthouse on the first of June last year.

When the case was called last Wednesday a number of solicitors who were asked to represent the accused, told Judge John Coughlan they were in “professional difficulty”, with one saying that his office had already come off record in the case. The judge then said "We're running out of solicitors".

Mr. O'Hagan told the court "I've documents here I want you to read" and added that he wanted to go to the Circuit Court. The charges before the court are summary offences which means they are dealt with at district court level and the accused has no right to a jury trial.

When Judge Coughlan asked him if he was pleading guilty, the defendant replied "I'm not guilty of anything".

The investigating garda then gave evidence that the accused had been causing annoyance in the Circuit Court and had said “There will be trouble here today”, when he was approached.

The garda said he directed Mr. O'Hagan to leave the courtroom and he refused to tell him his name and had claimed that his name was Tommy Tiernan.

Judge Coughlan imposed a two month sentence but suspended it on the defendant entering a bond to be of good behaviour for two months.

The accused responded saying "A joke. Disgusting and shameful the whole lot of you".