Faughart school a 'disturbing situation' says Education Minister

School Crisis in Louth

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

Faughart school a 'disturbing situation' says Education Minister

Richard Bruton, the Education Minister, has spoken about the ongoing crisis at Faughart National School and has called it a "disturbing situation".

Speaking to RTE, Minister Bruton stated that finding a resolution is vital for all concerned at Scoil Náisiúnta Bhríde in Faughart.

"It is our desire, that we can see a resolution that parents have the confidence to bring their children back into the school," he said.

"The manager is taking the task very seriously.

"Hopefully we can find a solution which protects the continuing role of this school which has a very proud tradition dating back many years.

"We are open to finding a solution, and we are open to continuing that work."

However he stated that he would not be in a position to meet the parents of children affected.

"We deploy very professional staff, inspectors. I don't think this is something that one should seek to politicise", he added.

"It is not a political thing, where you go in and bang heads together, the parents will have to go in and be convinced that this can work for them.

"We stand by small schools; we will not close schools unless that is a local desire.

"At the moment parents have voted with their feet. We will continue to offer support and try to find a solution."