Free transport facilities introduced for children across County Louth


Ronan  Mullen


Ronan Mullen

Free transport facilities introduced for children across County Louth

A new transport initiative for young people across Louth is offering freedom for free for both parents and children over the next fortnight.

Flexibus Localink is giving parents freedom from playing taxi by giving youths under 19 years of age a free travel pass on public transport in rural areas for two weeks only – from August 14th to 27th.

The nationwide initiative by the National Transport Authority aims to encourage more young people to rural transport local link services.

Flexibus Locallink in Meath, Louth and Fingal carry approximately 140,000 passengers a year on their diverse network of routes which link rural and urban divides.

“Young people can travel to the beach or shop until they drop in the major towns across the region, and they can get there for free in the next two weeks,” said Flexibus Locallink Travel Co-ordinator Miriam McKenna.

“Anything free nowadays normally has a catch but this is initiative doesn’t.

“The Kids Go Free transport is available on Rural Transport Local Link only and access is as simple as standing on the roadside and flagging down the driver.

“Many don’t realise that our services are as much for the youth as for the elderly and can provide them a more affordable transport option into the main towns.

“Flexibus Locallink can also provide a life-line for parents who often have to taxi their children in and out of towns on a daily basis.”

The wide range of routes include Kildalkey and Navan in Meath, Termonfeckin and Dundalk in Louth and Ballyboughal and Balbriggan in Co. Fingal.

Further details of the routes and timetables can be found on the Facebook page ‘Flexibus local link Louth Meath Fingal’, the website or on 046 9074830 or 1800303707

Local link Louth, Meath and Fingal was initially established in 2002 and continues to provide innovative transport service models that meet the needs of all people in these counties.