Homelessness in Dundalk is a 'crisis situation'

Dundalk Homeless Support Group

Staff Reporter


Staff Reporter

A spokesperson for Dundalk Homeless Support Group has told the Democrat that homelessness in Dundalk has reached a "crisis situation".

Kels Adams has asked for help and support to try and re-home those in need.

"In short we currently have three families with children sleeping in cars in Dundalk, another family were in B & B but we're put out and are now sleeping on a living room floor. The woman is pregnant and has two children. Now we have a woman with two children about to be made homeless.

"I think the public need to be made aware of the sheer crisis situation we have with homelessness in Dundalk at this time. We have triple the amount of rough sleepers than we had six months ago. Something has to give.

"We have a lady who lives in rented accommodation which has been repossessed. She has a few weeks to try and get new accommodation, (but is) having absolutely no luck. She has two children - a boy who is 8 and a newborn boy who is just out of intensive care.

"If accommodation is not found this family will be homeless. This lady has been on the council waiting list for 8 years.

"This lovely lady has been left broken and extremely stressed regarding where her children will be sleeping in the coming weeks. "

Anyone who can assist can contact the group on their Facebook page.