Dundalk film student produced gun to remove 200 people from party

Dundalk District Court

Dundalk film student produced gun to remove 200 people from party

A 20 year old film student produced his father's legally held hunting rifle, to get people to leave after about 200 people turned up for a party at his home, Dundalk district court heard last week.

The court was told that Aaron Nordon of Springfield, Wallace's Road, Blackrock had invited friends back from a pub, but word had spread on social media.

Judge John Coughlan heard last Wednesday how the defendant's parents were away and a number of people came back home with him from the pub.

The defence solicitor said his client had planned to watch a film with two friends, but a rather large crowd of about 200 people had turned up at the house 'aided by social media', which was described as being 'almost comical'.

The court was told the 20 year old came had taken the licenced rifle from his father's gun safe, and had come downstairs brandishing it to get people to leave.

The solicitor - who stressed that the weapon was unloaded, explained that the house had been the subject of a recent burglary and they hadn't had the opportunity to properly secure the weapon.

He added that it only came to attention because there was a passing garda patrol.

Judge Coughlan said replied "I'll take a grand off him" and he later struck out the summons after the defendant produced €1,000 in court for charity.